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Become a Virtual Assistant: 20 Document Template Pack


My Virtual Assistant Template Document Pack guides you through the consultation stage from prospective clients to new Virtual Assistant clients. This pack includes a lot of really useful forms and processes that help you to really stand out from the crowd and win those all-important clients.

Provided in Word (& where necessary Excel format), documents include all the text you need. All you need to do is add your business / personal information and branding to create a unique and professional document.

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Content as follows:

  • Information Pack – An outline of your working practices, services and rates that you send to prospective clients interested in your services
  • Client Consultation – Your process and more detailed fact-finding questions to help you ‘interview’ prospective clients
  • New Client Checklist – Use this to make sure so you don’t miss anything
  • Proposal / Quotation – Detailed proposal / quotation to send if a formal proposal is requested or for use with larger companies
  • Pay As You Go Contract* – for work carried out on an ad-hoc basis or as a one off project
  • Retainer Contract* – regular support for ongoing clients with payment in advance. Also forms a little of Terms & Conditions, so please review as appropriate
  • Terms and Conditions* – general but vital information regarding payment, confidentiality, omissions, service levels, etc
  • Confidentiality Agreement* – Suitable for all proving your discretion due to the client data that you will see
  • Timetracker – A spreadsheet with all formulas included to help you with time tracking and billing. With space to work on up to 4 projects a day!
  • Book Keeping – Simple tracking spreadsheet for all your incoming payments, outgoing invoices and purchases
  • Invoice – An invoice template to customise and use (spreadsheet based and a Word based version)

BONUS – More Useful Documents:

  • Press Release Template
  • Event Planning Timetable Template
  • Accessibility Statement*
  • Environmental Sustainable Policy*
  • Equal Opportunities Policy*
  • Health & Safety Policy / Health & Safety Poster / Accident Book (Form)*
  • Website Privacy & Cookies Policy*

* Documents do not constitute legal advice and users should instruct their solicitor to review these documents before using them

To purchase my pack of very helpful documents just click on the payment buttons. When payment has gone through you will be directed to a download link.

Please make sure that you read through all documentation word for word and amend where necessary for your Virtual Assistant business.